A state program will pay funeral costs for the three victims killed in the shooting near Alma Dec. 3.

A funeral for 3-month-old Chayston Williams, 4-year-old Kierra Adams and 31-year-old Michael Williams was held Thursday in the chapel at First Baptist Church in Van Buren.

Funeral services for the three were provided by Edwards Van-Alma Funeral Home.

Arkansas’ Crime Victim Reparations Board will reimburse the funeral home the full cost of the funerals, said Randy Smith with Edwards Van-Alma.

Victims of violent crimes and their family can receive money from the reparations program to go for medical care, counseling, lost wages, replacement services, funeral expenses, loss of support and crime-scene cleanup, according to the Arkansas attorney general’s website.

Though Smith said the funeral home is providing services at minimal costs, the reparations board will pay up to $7,000 for each victim for their funeral.

Donations to help the family with living expenses can be made in cash in the name of Ashley Adams to Allied Bank. Checks or money orders can be sent to Adams at P.O. Box 1383, Alma, AR 72921.