A group of Mulberry women will put on a pun-filled "fashion" show during the Ms. Senior Pageant Sept. 19 at the Crawford County Fair.

The Kirksey Girls are scheduled to put on the fashion show at about 7:30 p.m. during the Ms. Senior Pageant. About 12 women will walk the runway to display handmade, pun-themed outfits.

Called the Kirksey Girls in honor of the Kirksey Maternity Hospital for which they raise money for restoration and upkeep, the ladies already have put on a few shows in the area.

The idea began when the women were trying to come up with an entertainment idea for the fundraiser luncheons being held at the newly restored historic site, said Harlene Jackson, one of the group organizers.

Some of the women had seen a similar show put on at the First Baptist Church of Alma salad supper, Jackson said.

"We got to talking about the different dresses we could do - silly. It’s all very silly," Jackson said. "We just wanted to have a good laugh."

Four to five of the women got together and thought of dress ideas, Jackson said. Jackson has a commercial sewing machine, and they put together the outfits with old materials from her stock, she said.

Each dress has a pun-based theme. For example, the "cotton dress" is covered in cotton balls, while the "spring outfit" features triangular coils "springing" from the chest.

The Kirksey Girls did their first show Saturday, May 9 for Mother’s Day weekend, Jackson said.

At the time, they were nameless and were Christened with the Kirksey Girls, Jackson said.

As a courtesy, the group gained permission from Joe Kirksy, son of Dr. Odell J. Kirksey, Jackson said.

Kirksey Hospital at 770 N. Main St. in Mulberry is best known as the maternity hospital and office of Dr. Kirksey, who began practicing medicine in Mulberry in the 1920s and purchased the property in 1945.

It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007 as the Bryant-Lasater House because of its original owners.

Luncheons for the historic building, also called the Kirksey Event Center of Mulberry, are held about once a month. Call (479) 997-1321 for more information.

While the ladies don’t charge for their show, they would accept "money for gas" if someone out of the area wanted to book them, Jackson said.

Also going on Saturday at the fair will be the fair parade in the morning, the Junior Livestock Auction, the Youth Talent Show, and the Teen and Queen pageants.