A scrapbook chronicling the history of local community Georgia Ridge and the workings of its improvement club was donated Thursday to the Crawford County Genealogical Society.

Georgia Ridge is located along the northern boundaries between Dyer and Mulberry, and was originally populated by families who moved to the area from Georgia, according to its residents.

Sue Mason, a member of one the original resident families, started the scrapbook in 1957 when the Georgia Ridge Rural Community Improvement (RCI) Club was launched.

"I felt like we just needed to put down what we were doing," Sue said.

Sue was married to Curtis Mason, the mail carrier for Georgia Ridge and one of six sons to Raymond Mason Sr. and his wife Olive Meadors. Raymond Sr., an original resident, opened the only grocery store ever located in Georgia Ridge.

"One store, one church, one school - that was all the business," Sue said.

Inside the scrapbook are the records the RCI Club meetings along with a catalog of community activities. The Georgia Ridge club was instrumental in helping other area RCI Clubs get established.

Included in the scrapbook’s 27 pages are records of the community’s income sources and products, a description of the location of Georgia Ridge, photos of people from around the county and news clippings of local events.

One section even lists personal achievements, including how many quarts of fruits and vegetables were canned in one year - 4,300, items of clothing sewn - 157, tons of hay harvested - 299, and new wells installed - 3.

Others added to the scrapbook and helped care for it, including Juanita Mason, who was married to Raymond Mason Jr.

Juanita was known for her homemade bread and rolls, and traveled throughout several counties giving instruction on their preparation, according to her daughter Cathy Mason.

Cathy and a group of other current and former residents organized the donation of the scrapbook for historical purposes, she said.

Now the scrapbook is available to those who have family that hail from Georgia Ridge and would like to know more about their lives, Cathy said.

Juanita Wilcox, president of the Crawford County Genealogical Society, and her husband Donald Wilcox, treasurer, accepted the donation of the scrapbook. Donald also is a former resident of Georgia Ridge, he said.

Juanita was excited to receive the scrapbook, which can be used as a resource for those researching their families, she said.

"The Genealogical Society is about the history of communities in Crawford County, and this will be a great addition," Juanita said.

Cathy agreed, but added that the scrapbook is more than just a record of facts.

"It’s not just about the community, it’s about the people," Cathy said.

To access the Georgia Ridge scrapbook, visit the Crawford County Genealogical Society at 614 Fayetteville St. in Alma.