With the beginning of the school year fast approaching, students from two Crawford County school districts may be glad to learn they will not be lugging as many textbooks this year thanks to new computers in the classrooms.

Alma School District will be buying about 500 new Chromebooks to use in classrooms at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, said Superintendent David Woolly.

"There’s so many great [digital] learning resources, more and more teachers don’t even want to use a textbook," Woolly said.

In fact, part of the way the school district was able to pay for the new computers was to reduce the number of textbooks purchased this year, Woolly said.

Teachers were given the chance to request a set of the new classroom computers to share with another teacher, and Woolly said administrators had "a very, very good response from all grade levels."

A decision on which 17-18 classrooms would be receiving the computers was set for Monday afternoon, Woolly said.

Cedarville School District also purchased 600 computer notebooks at the end of spring to be used by students and staff during the upcoming school year.

Cedarville high schoolers will have access to 300 14-inch HP laptops, while middle schoolers will have 300 11-inch Samsung laptops. The computers were purchased from CDI Computer Dealers for a total of $191,767.68, including four-year warranties.

Cedarville also purchased new playground equipment for the elementary school, including a new basketball court and goals, park play units, swing sets and benches.

Mulberry-Pleasant View Bi-County School District has been approved for the Community Eligibility Program, which allows every student to receive breakfast and lunch free each school day regardless of income.

As long as the school district remains eligible, the program will last three years.

Mulberry-Pleasant View also is providing school supplies to its students for the fourth year in a row. Students kindergarten to 12th grade will get all necessary supplies except for backpacks and lunch boxes.