Alma School Board members discussed the recent snow days and a better financial outlook at their meeting Tuesday night.

Superintendent David Woolly spoke to board members about the three days - Dec. 5, 6 and 9 - that Alma School District was closed because of inclement weather.

Though Alma streets were clear by Monday, school officials chose to remain closed all three days for the safety of students living in rural areas, Woolly said.

"As important as education is, it comes way behind children’s safety," Woolly said.

Woolly and other school officials remembered past years when the school had to close, including one in which Woolly said it snowed every Wednesday and another in which the school district had to remain closed 17 days in a row.

Woolly also positively commented on the financial state of the school district.

At the board’s regular meeting in September, Woolly told members that the schools would have to make adjustments to the 2014-15 budget after a hefty enrollment decrease this year meant less money from the state.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Woolly noted that the district is "looking good" financially. The Nov. 30 financial statement has the district with a balance of $1,263,018.10.

"If you look at where we were … a year ago, we’re in a dramatically improved position," Woolly said.

Woolly credited several things for the improvement, including a decreased debt service and early tax revenue, but mostly pointed to reserved budgeting by ASD staff.

"We’re just doing a really good job of monitoring our expenses and how we spend our money," Woolly said.

After the meeting, Woolly qualified the good outlook to apply to the "short term," but said it made him "hopeful" as "we try to address the long term."

Board members approved the resignation of Marcy Blanton, an educator at Alma Middle School, who is leaving because of health reasons.