State Rep. Terry Rice has announced his intention to run for the Republican primary nomination in Arkansas State Senate District 9. State Senate District 9 includes Crawford, Franklin, Sebastian and Scott counties.

Rice is a third term state representative from Waldron. He cannot seek re-election due to term limits. Rice follows his father, W.R. Bud Rice who served South Sebastian and Scott counties from 1977 to 1995, and his grandfather Worth Rice, who served from 1935 to 1939, as a member of the Arkansas Legislature.

"My wife, JoAnn, and I are excited to announce that I will be a candidate for the Republican primary for the Arkansas Senate," Rice said.

"JoAnn and I have been married for 41 years, and we are proud to call Western Arkansas our lifelong home. It is where we raised our family, and we have spent our life building a small business, along with a cattle farm now run by our sons."

Rice Furniture is a small business located in Waldron, Arkansas, and it employs 17 people of the region.

Rice ran and won a hard fought contest for the Arkansas House of Representatives in 2008. His platform then was protecting life – both the unborn and the elderly – lowering taxes, limiting government, protecting our 2nd Amendment rights, and advocating for small businesses.

"I’m running for the state Senate with those same principles that have guided me as a state representative," Rice said. "As a business owner, I understand the pressures of making a payroll, dealing with taxes and excessive government regulations, along with the additional costs passed on to the consumers who already live on a tight budget. I live by the conservative values instilled in me by my father and grandfather – faith, family, hard work, and mature judgment.

"The single greatest threat to our great country is an over-reaching federal government pushing liberal policies down to the state level. These liberal policies must be stopped at every possible opportunity in the state legislature. It is my opinion that the greatest federal government overreach of my lifetime has been Obama-care.

"People are losing insurance daily and small businesses are suffering due to uncertainty and premium increases. During the last legislative session, I was a ‘no’ vote when asked to implement Obama-care here in Arkansas. I will be a ‘no’ vote in the fiscal session, also."