The code enforcement division of the Van Buren Police Department is asking property owners to help instill pride in the city by helping to spruce up the community.

"We are asking homeowners and businesses to keep our city clean and beautiful by cutting weeds and grass and removing garbage, rubbish and other unsanitary and unsightly articles from their property," said Steve Gunter, code enforcement for the VBPD.

John Pope, director of Keep Van Buren Beautiful, echoed Gunter’s plea for help.

"It’s Keep Van Buren Beautiful’s mission to engage individuals to take greater responsibility for their community’s environment and it can all start in your front yard," Pope said.

He said positive change can start and flourish in a neighborhood.

"Keep the grass cut and the clippings out of our streets," Pope said. "Do your part to Keep Van Buren Beautiful."

Gunter said homeowners can be cited when grass reaches six to eight inches.

City ordinance 5.04.01 allows code enforcement to issue cleanup notices that give property owners seven days to clean up before a citation is issued. Property owners can be fined $25 a day until a cleanup is completed.

Gunter also said the ordinance allows the city to clean up property, then place a lien on the property.

"However, we want to encourage owners to keep their property clean," Gunter said. "Help in taking care of these issues will be greatly appreciated and everyone in our city will benefit."