Mulberry-Pleasant View Bi-County School has seen several changes in personnel during the past two months leading up to the 2014-15 school year.

Several new hires and resignations were accepted by the school district’s board members at two regular and two special meetings in June and July, while the number of members on the board also changed.

Mulberry-Pleasant View School Board members approved a resolution to reduce the number of members required to serve on the board from seven to five, said Superintendent Dana Higdon.

"We were having a hard time filling the positions, so we just asked to reduce," Higdon said. "A couple of people are going to resign."

While the decision is not yet official, the resolution has been approved by the Arkansas Board of Education, Higdon said.

Higdon said the reduced number of members will have no impact on the board’s decisions.

New hires include Dennis Fisher as the intermediate-junior high school principal, Charity Shelley and Chandra Tompkins as special education teachers, Chelsey Elmore as fourth grade teacher, Shawn English as intermediate classroom teacher, Denice Kincy as school nurse, Clairessa Campbell as secondary social studies teacher, Sarah Sperry as secondary math teacher, Yury Taff as art teacher, Helen Rodgers as special education paraprofessional, Katherine Fry as primary school cook, and Paula Weese as high school custodian.

Board members accepted the resignation from Creena Bocksnick, the high school agriculture teacher. Higdon said Bocksnick is going on to be the 4-H state camp director.

Additional resignations were accepted from kindergarten teacher Charley Lovelady, art teacher Carl Rogers, secondary social studies teacher Julia Carney, special education supervisor Sheila Hopper and intermediate-junior high school principal Jason Moore.

Board members also approved contracts with CH Educational Services to handle the school district’s facilities and SubTeach to provide substitute teachers.

Changes in accordance to the law of the district’s personnel policy and student handbook also were approved.

Regular meetings were held June 12 and July 10, while special meetings were June 19 and July 24.