Mulberry city officials have named Jeff Marvin, former Crawford County Sheriff’s deputy, as their permanent fire chief.

Marvin, who has been acting as interim chief for the Mulberry-District 2 Fire Department since June, was named as the permanent chief in November.

Marvin is a certified firefighter and fire training officer, and actually served with the Mulberry department for 19 years. He also is a Mulberry resident.

Because of back surgery, Marvin retired from his position as administrator for the Crawford County Detention Center in early June.

In a previous interview Marvins said that his back problems would not affect his ability to perform as fire chief, since his duties are mainly administrative.

Marvin has served throughout the county for many years, as both a reserve and full-time law enforcement officer, for seven years as the mayor of Mulberry, two years as deputy coroner and two years as county coroner, and lastly with the CCSD.

City officials took applications for the fire chief position after Marvin was set as interim, but only three were submitted. Of those, Marvin was the most qualified, according to Mayor Gary Baxter.

Marvin took over after former chief Tim Oldham resigned May 24. Oldham, who was chief six of the 14 years he was with the MFD, has been accused of submitting falsified reports to receive payment for fires calls.

An investigation by Senior Cpl. Robin Kuykendall of the Arkansas State Police alleges there were a total of 64 reports submitted to the City of Mulberry which appeared to have been altered. The falsified reports generated $1,294.75, according to Kuykendall’s investigation.

Oldham pleaded not guilty Oct. 2 in Crawford County Circuit Court to second-degree forgery and theft by deception.