More rain is on the way for Crawford County and the surrounding areas, with flood warnings in effect until Monday evening.

A flood warning from the Tulsa National Weather Service remains in effect for the Arkansas River in Van Buren, though the warning states that the river is falling. A warning also is issued for Lee Creek.

At 2 p.m. Thursday the Arkansas River was at 30.52 feet, about three feet lower than Tuesday, according to the NWS. Flood stage for the river is 22 feet.

According to Dennis Gilstrap, Crawford County Department of Emergency Management director, the recent river crest is among the highest in history, with the highest on record being 38.10 feet in 1945.

Flooding and strong winds causing tree damage and power outages throughout Crawford County earlier this week.

On Tuesday morning, the Arkansas River was at 32.6 feet, according to the NWS. Lee Creek was at 404.70 feet, more than three feet above flood stage.

Crawford County Search and Rescue teams rescued a 10-year-old girl and an adult male relative Monday afternoon after they were swept away while trying to swim at Natural Dam park.

Park Ridge RV Camp Ground evacuated early Monday for fear of flooding, and Van Buren’s Field of Dreams remains under water.

While the river levels are expected to continue to fall through Monday, additional rainfall this weekend could impact the forecast, the NWS flood warning states.

Rains and thunderstorms continued from Thursday into Friday, and there is a 70 percent chance of precipitation for today, according to the NWS.