All but three mayoral seats in Crawford County will be contested in the Nov. 4 general election.

Van Buren, Alma, Cedarville, Mulberry, Mountainburg and Dyer have at least two candidates vying for the mayor position.

Unopposed are incumbent mayors Billy Rogers in Rudy, Gary O’Kelley in Kibler and Tina Shores in Chester.

Two of the biggest races will be in Van Buren, between incumbent Mayor Bob Freeman and Van Buren City Alderman Max Blake, and in Alma, with former state representative Edward F. Thicksten going up against retired businessman Keith Greene and Alma City Alderman Gary Perry.

Five candidates have filed to be on the Nov. 4 ballot in Mountainburg - Douglas A. Coleman, Bobby Dean, Scott Dyer, Michael L. Harrison and Neal Moon.

In Mulberry, incumbent Mayor Gary Baxter will go up against Herman E. Luper, while Wayne Bentley and former city alderman Darren Langley will vie for the mayoral position in Cedarville.

Incumbent Ralph Bryant in Dyer will face challengers Richard S. Leakey and Billy Gale Morse.

Several alderman positions also are being contested this year.

Incumbent Alderman Johnny Ragsdale will go up against Alan Swaim for Ward 3, Position 2 in Van Buren, while the city’s Ward 2, Position 2 seat is being contested between Scott Curtis and Darral Sparkman. Jim C. Petty goes unopposed for Ward 1, Position 2.

In Mulberry, Ward 2, Position 1 incumbent Bobby Don Tweedy is challenged by both Beth Jordan and Terry Lewis. Incumbent Johnny Ray Kimes in the Ward 2, Position 2 seat faces off against Robert F. Reeves and Daimien Sadat Rice.

Sheila L. Chastain goes unopposed for the Ward 1, Position 1 in Mulberry.

William Brown and Kenneth C. McClendon are both challenging incumbent David Coombes for the Ward 2, Position 1 seat in Cedarville. Incumbent Wendell Moore is up against Roger Johnson and Brenda Burner for Ward 2, Position 2.

Tim Breshears for Ward 1, Position 1 and Jonathan Odom for Ward 1, Position 2 are both unopposed.

Myrna Burns will go against Katherine Fry for Ward 2, Position 1 in Dyer.

Other unopposed candidates for alderman seats are Michelle L. Henson for Ward 2, Position 1 in Mountainburg; ; Bill Dodson for Ward 3, Position 1 in Kibler; Joe White for Ward 4, Position 2 in Kibler; and Laverne A. Hughes for Position 1 and Donal L. Shores for Position 2, both in Chester.

All other positions up for election this year have incumbents who are unopposed.

For Van Buren and Alma, all elected city seats are up this year. That includes the mayor, city clerk, city attorney and all aldermen. Van Buren and Alma are the only cities in Crawford County that have elected city attorneys.

In Cedarville, Dyer, Mountainburg and Mulberry, the mayor and all alderman positions are up for election. In Kibler, as well as the incorporated towns of Chester and Rudy, all positions including the mayor, city clerk and all aldermen seats are up.

Filing for city positions ended at noon on Friday, and some candidates may not have filed or been validated before this article was sent to press.