Dr. Angie Evans Benham, a 1960 graduate of Van Buren High School, was inducted Saturday into the VBHS Hall of Honor.

Benham’s nomination was submitted by the staff at Butterfield Junior High School for her significant contribution to progress in Van Buren education with her efforts as a 15-year-old high school student in support of the integration of Van Buren High School.

Benham is a practicing psychologist with Deer Oaks Behavioral Health in San Antonio. She has worked extensively in the clinical and experimental psychology field for the past three decades as a private practitioner, consultant and professor. She has a Ph.D. in general experimental psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The Van Buren High School Hall of Honor recognizes distinguished alumni, employees and community leaders for their outstanding achievements, service to the community of Van Buren, Van Buren High School or the Van Buren School District.

Benham was selected for outstanding contributions and outstanding post-high school or professional career achievements.

Benham also was honored Friday as part of VBHS senior night activities during the Pointer-Siloam Springs football game at Blakemore field.