Crawford County Judge John Hall has announced he will seek another two-year term as county judge. Hall was elected to office in 2007.

Now serving his fourth term, Hall has completely rebuilt the county highway department. During his administration, the department has completed 50 miles of new roads, resealed more than 100 miles of existing roads and built five major bridges and several low-water bridges.

During 2013, 186,000 tons of gravel was delivered and spread on county roads. More than 500 metal culverts and numerous concrete box culverts were installed.

"Our agenda for the next term will be to continue to build roads and bridges, improve drainage, widen and gravel roads where we can obtain right-of-way," Hall said. "We will start construction on a $1 million Pevehouse bridge in March and rebuild Sherman Creek bridge this summer."

During Hall’s tenure, Crawford County obtained a building that became the Emergency Operations Center. After numerous improvements, the facility has been used for state-wide meetings and training, as well as, training by local police, fire and emergency responders.

Hall said the county intends to move early voting to the center to eliminate the inconvenience of long lines, lengthy wait times and parking issues at the Crawford County Courthouse.

"We will continue to upgrade equipment and technology, while decreasing our labor cost," Hall said. "We have done all of this with no increase of taxes for the road. Remember, the millage that was raised in 2012 was for county general funds. No county general funds goes to the road department."

Judge Hall said "When I was elected to this office my goal was to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Crawford County. Myself and the 50 people that work for the county highway department and county judge’s office have done that in the past seven years and will continue through this next term."

Judge Hall is a life-long resident of Crawford County. He and his wife Sue Ellen Breeden Hall will have been married for 52 years in March. They have two sons, Cliff and Brad, and five granddaughters.