Derek Goodlin, 45, of Rudy has announced he will be a Republican candidate for District 81 state representative.

Goodlin is the president of Stein LTC, a long term care management organization, and a local small business owner. He runs both Homebase Properties, a real estate management company, and ViaCare Therapy Services, which serves home health patients.

"I believe our state is at an opportune time for economic growth and prosperity," Goodlin said. "We can encourage job creation and fiscal responsibility by reworking our tax code, ending excessive regulations, and stopping the government programs that discourage people from working."

Goodlin, who is a deacon and treasurer for his church in Alma, says his faith has taught him the importance of protecting traditional values. He wants voters to know he can be counted on to protect life and family values.

In addition to his career, and consistent with his pro-life and pro-gun priorities, Goodlin is active in several community organizations. He is the treasurer and acting chairman of the board for the River Valley Pregnancy Medical Center, a not-for-profit organization that reaches out to women and families facing unplanned pregnancies.

Having been certified by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, he is the volunteer head coach of the Minutemen Youth Trap Shooting Team. Through this program, students, sixth through 12th grade, learn safe gun handling, sportsmanship, hunter education, wildlife identification and conservation. Goodlin is an NRA life member, a concealed carry license holder and a defender of 2nd Amendment rights.

"As a conservative, I believe we should keep government limited and local," Goodlin said. "Big government is responsible for invasive programs like Obamacare and Common Core. As state representative, I will fight for real solutions that keeps government out of our everyday lives."

Goodlin said heand his wife Janice of 18 years love raising their six sons and one daughter in Rudy where they all can enjoy the benefits of country living which include trap shooting, pond fishing and free range chickens all right in their backyard.

He earned a degree in industrial engineering from Pennsylvania State University and a MBA from the College of William and Mary. Prior to his work in healthcare, he spent 13 years in the automotive manufacturing industry with two Fortune 100 companies.