Floral arrangements will have their own category under the horticulture division of competition at the Crawford County Fair this year.

Arrangements were allowed at last year’s competition, but were entered under the cut specimens category, said William Schemel, organizer for the agronomy and horticulture competitions.

Only five arrangements were entered in 2012, but Schemel is hoping to expand the category and see an increase in the number of participants this year, he said.

"It would be much nicer for us to get something to beautify the fair," Schemel said.

Schemel got the idea from visiting other festivals and fairs that had extensive and "magnificent" floral arrangement competitions, he said.

One fair has more than 100 arrangements and another has at least 40, he said, though he admits that they did not have much in the way of other horticulture items.

"Other fairs have done wonders with this category," Schemel said.

While Schemel is not looking to replace other categories, he wants "to bring something new to the fair," he said.

There will be seven themed categories: whimsical, romantic, patriotic, summer fun, fall festival, winter wonderland and other. Each category is left open to interpretation, Schemel said.

"Each individual can enter something in each of the seven categories if they want," Schemel said.

Arrangements can include anything the contestant grew themselves, but also may include purchased or artificial items as long as these items remain less than 10 percent of the entire arrangement, Schemel said. Youth and adult will be judged under one division and cash prizes will be given for each category, he said.

Schemel encourages everyone with any type of horticulture item to enter it for competition, he said.

"We want people to bring something in," Schemel said. "We can almost always find a place to put it, no matter what it is."

Floral arrangements will be set up on the right-hand side of the horticulture building as people enter, Schemel said.

For more information, contact Schemel at (479) 471-1054.