Evans Body Shop in Van Buren is offering an auto body makeover for Christmas to help remove some "dents and dings" from someone’s life.

"We know that life can be difficult," said Misty Evans, who owns the body shop at 1302 Fayetteville Road with her husband, Rodney.

"We all have our dents and dings," Evans said. "Sometimes life gets in the way of us repairing our rides."

This holiday season Evans Body Shop would like to help a deserving family or person knock some dents and dings out of their vehicle, perhaps taking some dents and dings out of their lives at the same time, Evans said.

"Tell us your story or nominate a deserving person for an auto body makeover," she said. "Go to our Facebook page and tell us your stories and upload your pictures. Tell us what has caused your dents and dings and how fixing those up could help your life in a positive way."

"Did your family fall on hard times this year?" Evans asked.

"We understand bad things happen to good people," she said. "Maybe you lost a job, or maybe someone you know is just having a really tough time right now, and fixing their car may give them an extra special boost. We want to help make someone’s life a little brighter this holiday season."

Evans Body Shop will review the stories, pictures, comments and number of "likes" received on each story. These factors will help determine the finalists to be announced before Dec. 15. The winner will be announced Dec. 24.