Top savers from four Crawford County schools were treated a pizza party Tuesday as part of the Citizens Bank & Trust Co. Dollars and Sense program.

Fourth-grade students from Central, Tate, Parkview and Cedarville elementaries were treated to pizza, soft drinks and cookies as a reward for making regular deposits in their Citizens Bank savings accounts.

Top students are chosen not from those that have saved the most money, but from those that were dedicated to saving and learning, said Mary Blount, Citizens vice president and organizer of the Dollars and Sense program.

Students opened 98 savings accounts with a total balance of $1,717.61.

"We are here to compliment and congratulate you for making a commitment to learn how to save money," said Blount. "You guys are winners."

Keith Hefner, Citizens Bank president and CEO, congratulated the students and told them the Top Savers luncheon "always makes my job a pleasure."

First-place winners and receiving an additional $50 to their savings accounts were Aubrey Turner, Natalie Phoetip Viravongsa, Mason Todd and Braxton Bowen.

Second- and third-place savers received an additional $25 in their savings.

Second place savers were Holly Ming, Tennison Reichard, Lane Hightower, Levi Hightower and Kyle Harp.

Third place winners were Kaleb Apilado, Emily Basham, Tannah Larue, Abbegayle Marcia-Bell and Dylan Dudley.