Crawford County justices of the peace approved measures Monday to reinstate two salaried positions in the road department and allocate more than $175,000 for five new sheriff’s department vehicles.

During personnel and budget committee meetings held prior to the regularly scheduled quorum court meeting, JPs agreed to pass the two labor positions through to a vote and fund a total of $37,262.92, including benefits, to be split between them.

JP Stanley Clark made the proposal in the personnel committee.

"What we want to do is ask the quorum court to add those positions back in where they were originally," Clark said.

For several years, Crawford County received staffing assistance from the Western Arkansas Employment and Development Agency, which provided disaster-related funding to pay summer workers. But the funding dried up, as did the workers.

Last year, because of fiduciary need, the two positions were eliminated from the road department budget. But Crawford County Judge John Hall told JPs that without the WAEDA workers, the positions may be needed again to complete ongoing road projects.

Funding for the positions includes $12,482.10 each for salary and $6,149.36 each for benefits.

JPs voted unanimously in favor of the reinstating the positions during quorum court.

Also during the quorum court meeting, JPs agreed to allocate $176,804 from the Jail and Law Enforcement Sales Tax Fund to pay for five new vehicles for the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department.

Chief Deputy Jim Damante said the money would be used to replace a number of high-mileage vehicles that were costing the department up to $5,000 in repairs a month.

With the money, the sheriff’s department will purchase and fully equip several new Ford Explorers, a Ford Charger and a Ford truck, Damante said. The vehicles will be purchased through state bids, he said.