With Republicans taking over both congressional houses and increasing their majorities at the state level, Crawford County residents voted in favor of the party at least 60 percent of the time in legislative electoral races on Tuesday.

Republicans won 64 House seats in Tuesday’s election, while Democrats kept only 36, and increased its majority in the state Senate from 21 to 24 out of 35 seats.

Crawford County residents helped achieve these results for the GOP, supporting Republicans at the U.S. and state level with between 62 and 83 percent of their votes.

In Crawford County, Asa Hutchinson (R) beat out Mike Ross (D) for governor with 11,169 votes (68.9 percent) to Ross’ 4,422 (27 percent), a crushing defeat.

Rep. Tom Cotton received 11,122 county votes (68.6 percent), and won the GOP another seat on the Senate, while incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor (D) received a mere 4,238 votes (26 percent).

Incumbent Rep. Steve Womack (R) kept the U.S. Congress District 3 seat, receiving 9,328 county votes (83 percent) to Grant Brand’s (L) 1,848 votes (17 percent).

State Rep. Bruce Westerman (R) received 3,071 county votes (67 percent), helping him take the U.S. Congress District 4 position over James Lee Witt (D), who received 1,180 votes (25.8 percent).

Rep. Tim Griffin received 10,760 county votes (66.9 percent) for lieutenant governor over John Burkhalter (D), who received 4,367 votes (27 percent).

Leslie Rutledge (R) received 10,023 county votes (62 percent) for attorney general over Nate Steel (D), who received 4,930 votes (30.7 percent).

Incumbent Secretary of State Mark Martin (R) received 11,504 county votes (71.8 percent) and beat out Susan Inman (D), who received 3,606 votes (22 percent).

Dennis Milligan (R) received 10,910 county votes (68.6 percent) for state treasurer over Karen Sealy Garcia (D), who received 3,980 votes (25 percent).

State Rep. Andrea Lea (R) received 11,049 county votes (69.6 percent) for auditor of state over Regina Stewart Hampton (D), who received 3,807 votes (24 percent).

Incumbent Commissioner of State Lands John Thurston (R) received 10,621 county votes (66.8 percent) and retained his position over Mark A. Robertson (D), who received 4,053 votes (25 percent).

Incumbent State Rep. Charlene Fite (R) received 1,623 county votes (79 percent) and kept her seat over Taylor Watkins (L), who received 422 votes (20 percent).

On ballot issues, Crawford County residents voted 63 percent in favor of Issue 1 Administration of Government, 58 percent in favor of Issue 2 Direct Democracy, 53 percent in favor of Issue 3 Term Limits, 59 percent against Issue 4 Alcohol Amendment and 65 percent in favor of Issue 5 Minimum Wage.

All issues passed statewide except for Issue 4, would have changed the Arkansas Constitution to make the sale, manufacture, distribution and transportation of alcohol legal statewide.