A group that provides independent health ratings for financial institutions has given one local bank top ratings for two consecutive quarters.

Citizens Bank & Trust Co. recently received an A-plus national rating from DepositAccounts.com, an independent company that monitors and evaluates banks’ financial health.

DepositAccounts.com provides the evaluation information for free to banks and consumers on its website.

"For banks, it’s to confirm they have done a great job managing their fiduciary responsibility," said Patrick Russo with DepositAccounts.com. "Citizens Bank in particular has a high capitalization level, and low Texas ratio."

A bank’s Texas ratio gauges the amount of financial reserves a bank has against money loaned.

"Citizens Bank being at 3.99 percent means it has plenty of money to pay its loans," Russo said. "It is managing its assets well and not taking unnecessary risks."

Each fiscal quarter, DepositAccounts.com evaluates the financial health of every federally insured bank in the United States - more than 6,500 total.

Each institution is graded on a number of factors, including capitalization, deposit growth, and loan to reserve ratios, in order to determine a comprehensive health rating.

Citizens received its high rating for the 2014 second and third financial quarter, signifying "its consistent performance in achieving exceptional fiduciary standing," according to DepositAccounts.com.

Citizens "stood out" in all of the primary evaluation categories, Russo said.

According to the website, Citizens has increased its total deposits by $9.5 million in the past year, resulting in 3.14 percent growth for the year and giving the bank a rating of A in deposit growth.

Citizens has $360.58 million in assets with $47.65 million in equity, resulting in a capitalization level of 13.22 percent, which is called "excellent" on the website. The bank received an A+ for capitalization.

DepositAccounts.com’s purpose, Russo said, is to provide transparent financial information, particularly on banks with depository services, for free to consumers.

More information about Citizens and other financial institutions can be found on the website.