Cedarville High School will have a donkey basketball game Wednesday, March 19 to benefit this year’s project graduation.

Circle A Donkey Ranch will bring its star "players" to Cedarville to be ridden in four-on-four match up basketball games in the high school gym beginning at 7 p.m., said Alicson Reding, who heads up Pirate Plunge, the school’s project graduation.

Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door. They can be purchased from Reding, any Cedarville junior or senior, or at C and C Catfish in Van Buren.

Riders during the event will be the 12 juniors or seniors who sell the most tickets, Reding said.

According to game rules, riders must remain on or with their donkey at all times, and must shoot from the donkey’s back. If a rider must dismount to fetch the ball, they have to take their donkey with them.

A donkey often will not oblige its rider by going the opposite direction as the goal, trying to dump its rider or flat out refusing to move, said Reding, who herself rode in a game of donkey basketball as a senior at Cedarville.

"My senior year I had a donkey that only wanted to go to the concession stand," Reding said. "It’s a lot of fun, and you’ll laugh and laugh and laugh."

Juniors and seniors will face off during the first half of the game, Reding said. The second half will feature either seniors versus seniors, or seniors against faculty, she said.

Concession stands will be available, and the event will have a halftime show with games for the audience, Reding said.

For more information, contact Reding at (479)414-9372.