Crawford County Adult Education Center in Van Buren will be offering satellite classes in surrounding towns for those seeking to complete their high school equivalency exam.

Instructors from the center will travel to Mountainburg, Mulberry and Cedarville several days a week to give preparatory classes for the General Educational Development test, or GED, said center director Debbie Faubus-Kendrick.

Kristi Morse will teach in Mountainburg every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8 p.m., while Robin James will keep those same hours in Mulberry. An instructor and class times have not yet been determined for Cedarville.

To attend the classes, students must first enroll at the Van Buren campus at 605 Alma Circle Blvd. Once they are assessed, they then will be given the location of the class closest to their home, Faubus-Kendrick said.

Though pre-tests as well as the GED test itself must be taken at the Van Buren campus, the point of the classes is to make it easier for those in other towns to attend classes, she said.

"We hope they will take advantage of this," Faubus-Kendrick said. "If they’ve been putting it off, now’s the time to get started."

Starting Jan.1, high school equivalency testing given in Arkansas will change from the GED to the Arkansas High School Diploma program to align with current high school Common Core standards.

Testing material will be more difficult and writing comprehensive, and all work done toward gaining a GED before the start of the year such as pre-testing will not count after Jan. 1.

But Faubus-Kendrick said it is possible for a student to complete their GED before Jan. 1, depending on how they test or if they have already completed a portion of pre-testing.

"If we’ve got them on file and they’ve done part of the tests, they need to get in and get it done," she said.

For students who can’t complete their GED by Jan. 1, it is still worth it to begin classes as soon as possible, Faubus-Kendrick said.

"Even if they come in now and score low, they can still be attending classes for the new program," she said.

Fore more information about enrollment, contact the CCAEC at (479)471-0019.