Alma Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center recently recognized their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) staff in honor of National CNA Recognition Week. Pictured left to right are Margery Gonzalez, Mona Hunt, Andy Richey, Tammy Phillips, Taran Richards, Lauren Whitehurst, Glinda Gilbert, Angela Hobbs, Kathy Wallace, Kelli McWilliams, Jonathan Morgan, Daniel Oden, Christy Hobson, Ashleigh McCabe, Cindy Barker, Stephanie Heldebrandt, Courtney Dickerson, Crystle Robinson, Isabel Fernandez, Rosetta Clawson, Alicia Peevy, Karen Johnson, Paige Brewer, Cathy Powell, Daniel Lewis, Jenna Stewart, Amy Brooks and Katherine Lewis. Not pictured: Valarie Anderson, Gary Richey and Vicki Taylor.

Special to the Press Argus-Courier