Cedarville Police Chief Mark Gentry was relieved of his duties Wednesday, and six police officers chose to leave employment with the department, according to Cedarville Mayor Glenanna O’Mara.

In a news release, O’Mara did not elaborate on the circumstances surrounding Gentry’s firing, stating, "There are no allegations of wrongdoing during Chief Gentry’s tenure."

O’Mara added in the release, "We are an at-will employer in the state of Arkansas w(h)ere it isn’t required to give reasons of dismissal. An employee may leave employment, or an employer may remove an employee with no reasons given."

O’Mara did not state whether the six officers resigned as a result of Gentry being fired.

The remaining officers with the Cedarville Police Department will serve with assistance from the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office. O’Mara did not state how many officers remained.

"Coverage has not lapsed and will continue for our residents," O’Mara stated.

An interim police chief will be hired immediately, and will be announced, "in a short period of time," O’Mara stated.

Gentry was hired as police chief in August after former chief David Goss stepped down June 10 because of difficulty from neck surgery. Gentry formerly was assistant police chief and served as acting chief in Goss’ absence. He had served with the Cedarville Police Department since September 2012.