Cedarville Elementary School has received a $14,496.75 financial reward from the Arkansas School Recognition and Reward Program for high performance in student testing.

Cedarville Elementary placed in the top 20 percent of Arkansas schools in the program for student testing scores that show academic growth, said Superintendent Dan Foreman.

About $6,700 of the reward money will be used to purchase 15 iPad Minis to be used by the elementary students, Foreman said. The other $8,800 will be divided among elementary teachers and support staff as non-recurring bonuses, he said.

Cedarville Board of Education members approved appropriation of the reward money at their meeting Thursday night.

"To be in the top 20 percent was just outstanding for our staff, and working with the students like they have, it just made everyone very successful," Foreman said.

For students to do well academically, it takes all parents, teachers and staff working together, Foreman said.

Board members also approved for surplus items from the old elementary cafeteria to be auctioned off March 1 with Border Town Auctions in Alma.

Items to be auctioned include a single door refrigerator, oven, serving table, sink, walk-in freezer and walk-in cooler, stainless steel tables and cabinet, a storage building, office furniture, and other miscellaneous items.

Cedarville High School band was approved for a trip to St. Louis April 25-27 to perform, Foreman said.

While visiting the city, band members will have a chance to go to the Museum of Westward Expansion in the Gateway Arch, attend a Cardinals game, go to the city zoo and museum, and end with a trip to Six Flags St. Louis theme park, Foreman said.

Also during the meeting Thursday, board members approved Foreman for rehire as superintendent, he said. They also accepted resignations from Mark Shelton as head football coach, and Eric Capp as principal for the Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program, he said.