Members of the Crawford County Budget Committee cut short the first of their budget hearings for November after realizing figures on budget requests from several departments were incorrect.

Budget committee members met Monday night for what was supposed to be the first of four November budget meetings.

But soon after the meeting began, inconsistencies in the budgeted figures were discovered, said Justice of the Peace Mary Blount, head of the budget committee.

This is the first year for Crawford County officials to work with a new coding system from the state, she said, and some of the department heads did not realize that several line items on their budgets were different because of that coding.

"Basically, because of the changes in the code - some items are different, some have been combined - some of the departments had not correctly completed their budget requests," Blount said.

Budget requests were missing figures for various items, causing budget totals to be off, she said.

"We just knew immediately that there was no point in working with incorrect figures,"Blount said.

For now, JPs canceled the three remaining budget meetings and scheduled a study session for Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 6 p.m.

During the study session, JPs will go over the new coding to make sure they understand it well and any changes made to line items, Blount said.

State law requires each county to have its budget balanced and approved by Jan. 31.