After a nearly five-day search, the body of a missing Crawford County teenager was found Friday afternoon.

Skylar Combs, 19, of Alma was found at about 2 p.m. Friday just south of a low water bridge on Arkansas 182 that crosses Frog Bayou near Rudy, said Crawford County Emergency Manager Dennis Gilstrap.

Combs was reported missing at 3:20 p.m. Monday after he was swept away by swift flood waters while swimming with two friends in Old Grotto pool, near where his body was found. The creek was swollen from heavy rains that hit western Arkansas over the weekend.

"You just can’t tell what lays under that flood water, how deep it is," Gilstrap said. "I think people underestimate the force of moving water."

Combs was found by a farm hand in a pool left behind by the receding flood waters, Gilstrap said.

Search and rescue crews scoured a 25-mile area around Frog Bayou after Combs was reported missing. About 100 people from local and state law-enforcement agencies, firefighters, search and rescue personnel, divers, volunteers and family members helped search by land, water and air to find Combs.

Gilstrap said it is important that people understand how dangerous flood waters can be.

"At times like these, you just want to stress to the public to avoid going into these areas if there’s any way possible," Gilstrap said.

A major push in the search effort for Combs had been planned for Saturday if his body had not been found.