An Alma City Council meeting was canceled Thursday night after the council failed to meet the legal requirements of a quorum.

Only two council members - aldermen John Tribulak and Maria Washburn - along with Mayor Keith Greene attended the monthly meeting.

At least three council members of the six total are needed for the council to conduct any official business.

Three of the four missing members had indicated prior to the 7 p.m. meeting that they would be unable to attend, Greene said.

Doug Wilson was expected, but was not present when the mayor dispersed the meeting at 7:10 p.m.

Alma City Council’s meetings are regularly scheduled for the third Thursday of every month, which would have been Sept. 17. But as he was unable to attend on the regular date, Greene rescheduled the meeting for Sept. 24.

There was some debate via email over the date change earlier in the month, with two council members pointing out that it was the council’s duty to set dates and times for their meetings.

Alderman John Ware expressed his opinion in an email that the change should have been discussed in the August meeting.

"I did not recommend, nor was I consulted about this change," Ware wrote in one email, and later, "No issues with changing the date, but the respectful thing to do would be to ask if everyone was available first."

Ware, along with aldermen Eddie Wakefield and Rinda Baker, later gave notice that they would be unable to attend the meeting because of scheduling conflicts.

Seven items were on the agenda for Thursday night, including the appointment of a new city clerk. A special meeting could be scheduled before October to address any items requiring immediate attention.