One local high school girl is doing great things in music.

Abigail Posey, 16, was the only Alma High School student to make both all-state choir and all-state band this year. This was the first year she was able to try out for all state, she said.

Abigail plays percussion in band, and sings both soprano and alto in choir.

"I was told that was quite an accomplishment for a sophomore to make all state in both band and choir," said Abigail’s mom, Amy Posey.

Abigail began playing piano seven years ago, and began singing in the fourth grade in the Alma Intermediate School music program. She’s been playing percussion for several years, and also taught herself guitar, her mother said.

"My mom wanted me to start taking piano in third grade. I said I’d give it a try," Abigail said. "I got into that and I really loved it; it all started from that."

Abigail joined choir in the sixth grade, and said she’s "loved music ever since."

Since seventh grade when students are able to compete, Abigail has received all region in choir and band. She also has received superior marks at a music competition held at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith, for four years in piano and the past two years in piano and vocal, Amy Posey said.

Despite her accomplishments, Abigail said she was "surprised" and "excited" to be named all state.

As both the choir and band all-state state clinics are held at the same time, Abigail will only be attending the choir clinic, which begins Thursday. A concert will be held Saturday, Amy Posey said.

"Her goal is to be a choir director; that’s what she wants to go to college for," Amy Posey said.

A total of 24 Alma High School students were named all state in choir, including Abigail’s twin brother Isaac, and four students were named all state in band, Amy Posey said.