The Arkansas State Police plans to restore skills testing for driver license applicants Monday instead of mid-May as originally planned.

The tests will be limited to applicants who use the state police web site for scheduling a skills test and receive confirmation of the test date and time. The tests will only be offered at 12 locations across Arkansas. Primarily those locations are the Arkansas State Police Troop Headquarters, with exceptions being in Clarksville and Pine Bluff, according to Bill Sadler of the Arkansas State Polilce Public Affairs Office.

The addresses for those two sites are available at the state police scheduling tool website:

The website is in the process of being updated to reflect the change in dates to resume the driver’s tests from May 18 to May 4.

On March 18 the Arkansas State Police implemented precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus with temporary and limited adjustments in Class D driver license testing procedures. As the virus threat begins to diminish, the locations for license testing will be limited since many of the city and county facilities used by the state police remain closed to public access.

The continuing COVID-19 pandemic will require Class D skills test applicants to remain inside their vehicle at the open testing sites until a testing agent approaches the vehicle with further instructions.

Effective Monday anyone at a state police facility for purposes of being administered any form of a driver license test (Class D written or skills and commercial driver license) will be required to wear an appropriate face mask covering both the mouth and nose, pass a health assessment survey, and be willing to submit to a body temperature scan. Social distancing practices will be mandatory at all testing sites. The new precautionary measures were developed in conjunction with the Arkansas Department of Health.

Additional information and pre-requisites for driver license testing can be found at

The state police conduct 245,654 Class D driver’s tests annually, or about 4,700 weekly. The pass rate is currently running approximately 50%, according to the Arkansas State Police Public Affairs Office.