The Van Buren City Council voted Monday night to purchase land in the southeast part of the city for a new pump station while approving the disposal of several police department items that are on the city’s Fixed Asset Inventory List.

The council authorized the Municipal Utilities Commission to purchase the property located at the intersection of Industrial Park Road and Flat Rock Drive from its capital improvement funds at a cost of $9,408.

“Essentially this will remove about 150 residents from the Kibler Road system and put them on the Industrial Park Road system,” said Mayor Joe Hurst. “It’s about a $3.6 million cost estimate for the project. They’re going to start in the winter of 2019 and are expected to have it completed by the end of 2020.”

The resolution passed by the council regarding fixed asset disposal involves a list of seven items that are no longer of use to the police department.

The list (and original value) includes a 2005 Chevrolet 1500 pickup ($12,028.68), a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria Sedan ($22,711.00), four Whelen Liberty LED Light Bars (three at $1,618.34 each, one at $1,726.58) and an MPH Python Radar Unit ($1,663.08).

Hurst said the vehicles will be auctioned off.