Work is underway to establish an improved means for Crawford County residents to donate to the county library system.

The Crawford County Library Board was briefed by attorney Gentry C. Wahlmeier about creating a library foundation during the board’s meeting at the Alma Public Library on Tuesday. Crawford County Library System Director Eva White previously said the board approved forming a foundation during a special meeting April 5.

Although the Crawford County Library System can receive direct, private donations as a part of the government, Wahlmeier said people are not being incentivized to donate when they cannot receive a tax deduction or write-off by doing so. It is also difficult for the system to take donations. A better alternative is to create a foundation.

Wahlmeier said he has laid the groundwork for the system to get a foundation set up, which will eventually morph into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

“First, we’ve got to go through and create a domestic nonprofit in Arkansas,” Wahlmeier said. “That’s no problem at all, and it’s pretty minimal cost. Our total cost on setting up the whole 501(c)(3) is probably going to be somewhere in the range of $640, and that’ll be fees that go directly to the government, whether it be Arkansas or the federal government.”

Wahlmeier suggested and the board agreed to name the foundation “Friends of the Crawford County Library System.” Board members present agreed to serve on the board of the foundation. Wahlmeier volunteered to be the registered agent for the organization as well.

After Wahlmeier gets everything for the foundation set up, he said officers will be determined by a majority vote of the board at its first meeting.

“At that time, we’ll also ask somebody to volunteer to do the annual report,” Wahlmeier said. “It’s easy. I’ll help whoever does that.”

The next regular meeting of the Crawford County Library Board will take place in September.