The Crawford County Fire Chiefs Association met on Thursday, June 27 at the District 6 Fire Station.

After the last meeting’s minutes were approved, the chiefs discussed a letter of resignation sent by Brad Thomas for the Fire Coordinator position.

Thomas is the County Director of Emergency Management and his time has become increasingly busy ue to the recent flooding in the county. The Chiefs stated that they appreciated the service that Thomas was able to give and certainly understand the full plate that he now has in front of him. 

Thomas will still play a vital role with coordination of emergency resources within Crawford County. A replacement for the position should be announced at the next meeting.

Association President Scott Price of District 1 reported on the ongoing radio system upgrade and automatic aid to the chiefs. Both projects are expected to be complete by the end of the year.

Jessieka Cristee, who is with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department, asked the chiefs for any updated firefighter contact information for the County’s Alert Express system.

Alert Express is a mass notification system used by Crawford County to notify citizens and fire personnel of any type of emergency or important information.

The system can text or call multiple phones at once and relay important info.

Alert Express was used recently during the major flooding experienced in the river valley.

Mike Hines, with  Southwest EMS, reported on newly hired staff and an additional unit now available during the day in the county.

The meeting also included a discussion on state certification and/or licensure of emergency medical responders in the county. 

The volume report from the month of June is as follows: District 1: 58; District 2: 12; District 4: 9; District 5: 54; District 6: 45; District 7: 14; District 8: 2; District 9: 3; Cedarville: 4; and Southwest EMS: 774.