FIGURE FIVE — The Crawford County Fire Chiefs Association met on Thursday, May 23, at the Figure 5 Fire Station.

The chiefs, along with David Edwards and Steve Hagood from Smith Two-Way Radio, have been working hard to acquire a new digital radio system for use by the Rural Fire Departments of Crawford County.

The system should increase coverage area lost by bandwidth changes required by the FCC in the past. The system also has the latest advanced communication technology and has many features that will increase safety and functionality.

The system is expected to be implemented this year.

Automatic Mutual Aid is another project that is near completion and was discussed at this month’s meeting. Tina Thompson and Shannon Scott from Western Arkansas Planning and Development District(WAPDD) attended the meeting to show the work that had been completed on the mapping aspect of the project.

The maps show the neighboring departments that will be automatically dispatched in the event of a structure fire. For each structure in the district, there will now be two departments shown to 911 dispatchers when a call is received from or near that address. This project should help to keep property insurance premiums down in Crawford County.

The chiefs are proud of the progress made on these major projects and look forward to seeing their implementation soon.

This month’s volume report is as follows: District 1: 46; District 3: 28; District 4: 9; District 5: 31; District 6: 42; District 7: 10; District 9: 3; Cedarville: 5; and Southwest EMS: 698.