Saturday the river is expected to crest at 40.80 ft. At 11 a.m. Friday morning the river was at 40.59 ft.

As stated Thursday, the levee system is being stressed with record levels of water pushing against the walls of the levee and until the water recedes off of the levee walls, the Crawford County Emergency Management team will remain vigilant and have a plan.

“We have boots on the ground and the Corp is watching it from the air 24/7, monitoring every part of the levee and making sure the citizens of Crawford County are safe,” said Crawford County Judge Dennis Gilstrap.

“Yes, we have a concern in Yoestown. It is currently holding its own, but the entire levee is a real concern with so much water for an extended period of time.”

The levee in the weakened areas will be to be rebuilt and recertified in order to be at ease that our levee system can do this event again years down the road.

Gilstrap said, “Don’t become complacent because you are hearing the flood levees have crested and are starting to decline. We will not rest until the levels reach below 32 feet.”

If you live, work and travel through these areas that are prone to flooding, or are already flooded, be aware and have a plan.