The Center for Art and Education’s youth theatre group, Big Little Theatre, will perform the play “Tune Kaboom in The Cave of Doom” at the King Opera House, 427 Main Street, in Van Buren at 7 p.m. on Friday and 2 p.m. on Saturday.

The cast is comprised of twenty students in grades 3-8 from the River Valley.

The play is directed by Van Buren High School Theatre Director and Teacher Jessica Fisher. Fisher has been involved with the Big Little Theatre program in the past. She directed the “Disney’s The Aristocats Kids” last summer.

Brent Gunnels, Community Relations Manager for the Center for Art and Education said, “The play is a comedy and is very family friendly.”

“Tune Kaboom in the Cave of Doom” is set inside a cave. This goofy action-adventure spoof features acclaimed archaeologist Tune Kaboom, who is hoping to rejuvenate his career and fatten his bank account by taking five contest winners on an expedition to the notorious Cave of Doom. But rather than the rich and famous contestants he had hoped for, a paperwork blunder saddles Tune with a B-list cast of spelunkers that includes a wannabe starlet, a clumsy professor, a teen reporter and two slick-talking mobsters. Things go from bad to worse when the cave floor collapses, dropping the motley, mediocre crew miles below the Earth’s surface. In order to escape, the band of mis-adventurers must navigate dark caverns which are home to a paranoid miner, hungry snake people, a yodeling dragon, dance-happy dwarves and the most terrifying of all — the Tooth Fairy! Will this band of misfits make it back to the surface alive or will Tune’s business partner take over as the “world’s greatest adventurer?”

There are laughs and action at every turn in this comedy which is loosely modeled after the popular Indian Jones movie series.

“Tune Kaboom in The Cave of Doom” is written by Willow McLaughlin and produced in cooperation with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Denver, Colo. The play is sponsored in part by the Arkansas Arts Council.

Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children. You may purchase tickets by calling 479-474-7767 or in person at The Center for Art and Education located at 104 North 13th in Van Buren.