Hot Springs Village resident Gordy Lowery recently received a very special gift from his son Gordon.
For his father, Gordon purchased basketball superstar Michael Jordan’s 1991 special golf cart used in a Ronald McDonald’s charity event.
Lowery grew up in Elgin, Illinois, played all sorts of sports, but wasn’t into golf.
After finishing college at Northern Illinois University, he was drafted into the Army and spent time in Vietnam and in Korea.
As for a career, Lowery became a professional numismatist in Elmwood Park, Illinois, and still attends coin shows to this day.
Around age 40, Lowery started getting interested in playing golf and after moving permanently to the Village in 2015, he has taken up the sport to the tune of approximately three times a week.
“Am I a good golfer? No, but I enjoy doing it,” Lowery said.
The special cart has a radio, turn signals, a special engine capable of doing 30 miles an hour, a large cooler that can hold several cases of beer, a Rolls-Royce looking front end and a lighter for the cigar-smoking Jordan.
Smiling as he shows the cart to me, Lowery said of his new toy, “It’s a collector’s item, that’s for sure.