You might say I love books.

On any given day, I have a half a dozen books checked out from the library and sitting on my nightstand. This is joined by the other half a dozen books that are in a forever rotating to-be-read pile. I’m always in the middle of at least three books, and I can never leave the house without a book tucked into one of my new book pockets.

My love of reading started young with trips to the library. Once a week my three siblings and I would pile into our old van and ride thirty minutes to the library. When the local library put a branch in a mere seven minutes from our house (yes, we timed it), we could be found there almost every day. As a homeschooler, the library became my classroom. With my textbooks splayed across a table, surrounded by the works of Twain and Alcott and Dickens, it was my own special kind of heaven.

I’ve grown up, and not much has changed. I still love reading. I still frequent the library — it still feels like a small slice of heaven every time I walk in and inhale that old book smell. With each move to a new town, finding the library and acquiring a library card was up there with getting the water and electric turned on. Recently the wanderlust that had my family moving every two or so years has died down a bit. The kids have started school, and we’ve started putting down roots in small-town Arkansas.

Small town though it may be, it has a great little library. While I have a dream of someday working in a library, that day is not today, but I have discovered the next best thing. Friends of the Library. It’s like a (not-so) secret society for library lovers (the official definition is “a non-profit, charitable group formed to support libraries in the community,” but I like to think of us as a society of book lovers). Once a month throughout the year, the Friends of the Library meets together to plot ways to assist the library — through book sales, story times, and other community-wide events. The sole purpose of the Friends of the Library is to bring awareness to the library.

Friends of the Library isn’t a new concept, in fact, the organization has been around since the good ol’ eighties. I, for one, am so grateful for the Friends of the Library. I’ve met other book lovers that have turned into good friends. I’ve had the joy of watching a group of preschoolers fall in love with books through storytime.

The best part about Friends of the Library? Anyone can join! And we’d be honored to welcome you into our book-loving goodness. For more information contact us at or on Facebook.

-Christen Krumm