From Conway Police Department reports

Woman takes bike from children, charged with public intox

A 42-year-old Conway woman was arrested Sunday evening on suspicion of public intoxication shortly after taking a bicycle away from a group of children at the Chapel Ridge apartment complex.

According to an incident report, police were called to the apartment complex just before 5 p.m. Sunday when a resident at the complex reported a woman she didn't know was at her apartment and "threatening the children."

The woman told authorities the woman was her friend's girlfriend and that she came to the apartment demanding the bicycle -- a gift the friend gave the children.

According to the report, the suspect was riding the bicycle in the parking lot when officers arrived on scene.

After verifying the bicycle belonged to children at the complex, officers on scene gave the bike back to the children.

The suspect woman, who seemed intoxicated as she smelled strongly of alcohol and slurred her words, would not tell police her name or when she was born. According to one officer's report, the suspect, eventually identified as Sonja Augustine, 42, of Conway, said she was from Texas and that she could not remember what year she was born.

"She could not figure out how old she was or what year she was born," Sandra M. Keefe wrote in her report. "She did not know if she was born in 1977, 1987 or 1997. She then settled on 1997 and stated that she would be turning [30] in November. I told her that if she was born in 1987 she would already be [30 years old] so she stated that she was turning [31]."

Officers said the woman later said her name was Alana Neshia Cortez Wilson and that she was born Aug. 27, 1997. After running this information through dispatch, the responding officers learned this was not true, according to the report.

The woman was ultimately arrested on suspicion of public intoxication, and once officers positively identified her, she was also charged with obstructing governmental operations.

Fight between 2 leads to battery charges

Two women face battery charges following an evening fight outside of an apartment on Summer Circle.

According to an incident report, police were called to the scene regarding a fight between Shelle Criswell, 27, and Tracy Ricks, 32. There was another man, Ronnie Ricks, involved who was trying to break up the fight as officers arrived on scene.

The women would not stop fighting until one of the responding officers said he would tase them if they did not stop. After the two were separated, Tracy reportedly "stepped forward and hit Shelle" before she was ultimately handcuffed and placed in the back of an officer's vehicle.

Ronnie told police the argument ensued after he was upset with the men Criswell had around his child, noting she was his child's mother.

Witnesses told police Tracy showed up to the apartment with "something that resembled a crowbar or tire iron and started yelling at Shelle." At one point, witnesses reported seeing Criswell with a steak knife before the two women threw their weapons down and "engaged in a physical fight."

After speaking with all involved parties and those who witnessed the incident, responding officers opted to charge both Tracy and Criswell with third-degree battery charges.