The regular meeting of the POA golf committee held at 3 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20, at Coronado Center, was initiated with comments from the chair, Rhonda Haynes.
Haynes invited committee members to check the website of the National Golf Foundation. “A golf professional in Florida has indicated a substantial increase in golf rounds by involving his club in more social media,” said Haynes. She said there were some excellent marketing ideas shared on the site.
Mike Medica, POA liaison, commented on the golf department’s upcoming budget approval. “There are no major changes from last year’s figures,” said Medica. He further reviewed the pickleball courts, which came in under budget and the swimming pool construction was still in limbo.
Medica explained the procedures and costs for the Jessieville/Fountain Lake schools sewage connection near Home Plate, and CHI and their Boys and Girls Club housing alternative education.
Medica said the schools pay for the infrastructure and will pay monthly fees. Costs to HSV POA will be minimal and may have some long-range benefit from the monthly revenues collected from the schools.
Gary Myers, POA agronomist, gave his monthly updates on courses and answered questions posed by members collected from interested golfers.
Myers said upcoming frost will kill much of the crabgrass on the Granada greens and verified the crew did apply pre-emergence chemicals this spring. The department will be trying some new products in the spring to improve conditions on both bent and Bermuda greens.
His recommendation for green replacement at Balboa will be to plant Bentgrass greens. “Luckily, we’re ending the stress period of very hot weather, so the cooling off will help a great deal in dealing with those issues,” said Myers.
He said the top dressing used on DeSoto greens were clean and did not contain any damaging insects as has been rumored. He encouraged interested parties to call any member of the golf committee if they are concerned about any conditions on the tracks. The committee member will be certain to get the question answered in prompt fashion.
Next meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18, at the Coronado Community Center.
POA members are invited to attend these open meetings.

Corrected Oct. 10, 2018 to reflect that Gary Myers recommends Bentgrass greens for Balboa Golf Course.