Hot Springs Village police received a number of scam reports and made a number of welfare checks. One Villager’s dog backed out of its leash when approached by two other dogs, and ran off. It was still not found as of Sept. 30.

Sept. 26
A Villager received a scam offer in a Priority Mail envelope. A $2,798.64 check appearing to be from DeepWater Industries Federal Credit Union was fake. The instruction letter claimed to be for a Target secret shopper, and told him to buy a $20 item at Walmart, then go to another Walmart and buy two Moneygrams. One was to be mailed to a man in Waldorf, Maryland; the other to a man in Arlington, Texas. The victim was to keep about $300.
A business near the West Gate told police furniture had been dumped near woods beside the parking lot.
A Magnifico Circle resident reported a possible prowler, each time around 3:15 a.m. On the latest incident, her doorbell rang three times.
A deer and a Chevrolet Spark collided on DeSoto Boulevard near Minorca. The deer ran from the scene. Damage: $750.
A white commercial van reportedly tailgated in Glazier Peau Gate.
An officer was dispatched to the Ponce de Leon Center, where a large amount of traffic was trying to get into the parking lot. He directed traffic until it cleared.
An officer told roofers on Badalona Lane of POA work hours.
A police detective told a Villager his truck had reportedly been spotted outside his ex-wife’s home and he would be arrested if he returned. The man said he had never been to her house and wanted no contact with her.

Sept. 27
After an unattended death, with no obvious signs of foul play, a body was sent to the Arkansas Crime Laboratory for an autopsy. The deceased Villager had minor bruising and small cuts, which a roommate said came from the other’s frequent falls while intoxicated.
The driver of an eastbound Toyota Camry that ran off DeSoto Boulevard while west of Balearic Road told an officer she might have “nodded off.” A tire was leaking air, but the car had no other apparent damage.
After a report of two pedestrians with a large stick on Balearic Road, near Cadena Lane, a woman said it was a walking stick and she had not been waving it toward vehicles. They said they were walking to Coronado Library. She was picked up on a misdemeanor Hot Springs failure-to-appear warrant.
A Sergio Drive complainant said someone attempted to break into his home. An officer observed damage at several doors and windows.
An officer assisted Garland County Sheriff’s Department at a family disturbance on Tabor Mountain Road.
A home beside an estate sale received mailbox damage. Damage: $200.
A tan GMC Suburban was reportedly speeding and driven recklessly while eastbound on DeSoto, near Calella Road.
A vehicle on DeSoto was reportedly driving with a spotlight turned on, near Ponce de Leon Drive.
A Charnela Lane complainant found three very-low tires on a parked vehicle in the morning. The driver had seen a boy running off from the home between 5:30-6 p.m. Sept. 26.

Sept. 28
A red Ford Mustang convertible was reportedly driven erratically near mile marker three on DeSoto.
A white GMC pickup reportedly was involved in road rage on Highway 7, and entered the West Gate.
An Esmeralda Place complainant said a bearded man walked around a for-sale home, and left on a motorcycle with Louisiana plates.
An older white pickup truck reportedly was speeding westbound on DeSoto, near the West Gate.
An officer stood by a home on L.L. Wilson Trail while Garland County Sheriff’s Department served a protection order.
An officer heard three dogs barking in a Holgar Lane back yard.

Sept. 29
Shortly after midnight an officer went to a Los Lagos Way disturbance that reportedly involved a knife and taser. The Texas couple said they had been drinking and got into a verbal argument over marital issues. Both admitted to threatening to slap the other, but there was no physical contact. One of the women said her spouse owns a knife and taser, but had never pulled it out or threatened to use it.
A Trapo Lane mailbox received hit-and-run damage. Officers also retrieved a part from a damaged vehicle that appeared to be from a small sedan. The car also left black paint on the damaged box. Loss: $300.
A chain link fence at Coronado Golf Course maintenance was cut. Damage: $40 if patchable, unless fencing must be replaced.
A vehicle failed to check in at the West Gate. No description was available.
A large dog with no tags was caught near Cortez Pavilion and taken to the animal shelter.
A gray Nissan Altima was reportedly stopping in traffic on Highway 7.
An officer responded to a 911 open-line call in the Escuadron Lane area. The source was not located.

Sept. 30
A dog owner said her small-to-medium-sized blond shorthaired dog ran off around 4 p.m. Sept. 26 after two loose dogs attacked it on or near the DeSoto Dog Park parking lot. Her timid dog pulled out of its collar while attempting to avoid the other two dogs. Both loose dogs were black; one was large, the other was smaller. The owner said she has received reports of her dog being seen in the Fondo Del Lago Way and the Badojoz Way areas.
After a report of a combative woman, Linda Louise Morrison, 63, Arias Way, was arrested for public intoxication at the DeSoto Center parking lot.

Oct. 1
In separate incidents, a silver Dodge van and a white Nissan truck did not stop at the West Gate, and a black SUV did not stop at the East Gate.
A Villager bought five Apple iTunes cards after receiving an email that appeared to be from a friend. The email told him to scratch the backs to reveal the numbers, then to make a photo and email the photos with the numbers. The man became suspicious after receiving an email asking if he had bought the cards yet, and he contacted police.

Oct. 2
An officer accompanied a Garland County Sheriff’s Department officer who attempted to serve a failure-to-vacate warrant on Glazy Acres Lane.
A white Nissan sedan reportedly tailgated in Glazier Peau Gate. A similar car was located on Venado Way, but no one was around.
After a mailbox was run over on Jalisco Circle and left red paint marks, an officer later located a red Toyota at a nearby home that had bumper damage that could have come from the pole.
A black SUV did not stop at the West Gate.
Garland County Sheriff’s Department said multiple people have received scam calls.Callers claim they are with the sheriff’s department and falsely claim a warrant exists for missing jury duty.
A Villager told police two fraudulent transactions were made at a Hot Springs Village restaurant after the card had been used at another Village restaurant. Total: $139.83.
A complainant said someone fraudulently opened a $71,000 home equity line of credit on his mother’s checking account, and checks were written for $40,000 on Sept. 18 and $30,000 on Sept. 16.
Officers went to the Cortez First Station area after receiving a 911 hang-up call.

Oct. 3
In a suspected scam, a Villager received a call that her Social Security card had been found in a car in Texas that was also filled with drugs and blood. She discovered her card was missing.
An officer removed a snake from Elcano Drive.
In separate incidents, a white Chevrolet pickup and a black Nissan car with Oklahoma plates did not stop at the West Gate.
An Alcantara Lane resident walked into the living room and saw the doorknob being turned around 8:20 p.m., but saw no one after turning on lights and looking out the window.