From Conway Police Department reports

Laptop stolen from Conway apartment

An unknown suspect reportedly stole an HP laptop from an apartment at The Links At Cadron Valley on Irby Drive.

According to an incident report, the 20-year-old woman left her apartment unlocked as she left to drop her child off at her grandmother's residence a few apartments over Thursday afternoon when an unknown person broke into her home and took her laptop.

The woman told police the laptop was charging and sitting on her coffee table when she left the apartment, noting she "was only gone for about five minutes."

She did not have the serial number on hand but told the responding officer it was a blue HP laptop valued at about $700.

Suspect gives gas station clerk fake money

A gas station employee reported receiving counterfeit money Thursday afternoon.

Authorities were called out to the Bears Den gas station shortly before 3 p.m. Thursday after a clerk reported receiving two counterfeit $1 bills from an unknown suspect.

The clerk told police "a white male [who was] about 25 years old [and] wearing a white T-shirt entered the sore and paid for $2.70 in gas."

According to the incident report, the clerk could tell the money "felt fake and hesitated to turn the pumps on."

"After some time, the male walked back into the store and asked about the pumps," according to the clerk's statement. "[The clerk] then set the pumps for the offender and called the police, hoping officers would arrive before he left."

The suspect reportedly drove off "in an unknown direction in an unknown make or model vehicle" before authorities arrived on scene.

The responding officer took the counterfeit bills as evidence and also collected photos of the suspect from the business' security footage, according to the report.

Scammer claims to be Entergy representative

A Conway woman reported receiving a call from a scammer claiming to be an Entergy representative Thursday afternoon.

According to an incident report, the 56-year-old woman received a call from 501-777-9662 on Thursday. The caller told the woman claiming to a representative with Entergy and that her power would be shut off in 30 minutes if she did not call a man named Nathan Branch at ext. 120.

The woman immediately contacted Conway Corp. after the call ended and was advised to file a police report regarding the incident, according to the report.

A Conway officer called the suspicious number and the man on the other end quickly hung up after learning an officer had called him.

"[In] attempting to contact the number she provided me with ... I spoke with a male claiming to be Branch, who once I informed him who I was, hung up," officer Jim Pfrenger wrote in his report. "I attempted several times to make contact, and was repeatedly hung up on. At one point before being hung up on, they informed me their business was located at 105 3rd Avenue. When I would contact the phone number provided to me from a blocked number, I would automatically be disconnected."

Pfrenger gave the 56-year-old woman who filed the complaint the incident number associated with the report and advised her to alert authorities if the unknown suspect called back attempting to get her information. The officer also informed her not to give out her personal information over the phone to help prevent falling victim to a scam.