Chapters on Main at 816 Main St. in downtown Van Buren will host a series of meet the candidate forums in September and October.

The forums will be an hour-long sessions on most Tuesday and Thursday in September and October to sit down and visit with many of the local city candidates to learn more about them and find out how they will represent us in the city, according to Debbie Foliart of Chapters on Main.

“I feel like many of the people in our community, unless they are involved in the city somehow, don’t learn much or know about who is representing us,” Foliart said. “It is our obligation as residents and citizens to know, so we want to give that place for people to sit and have a cup of coffee with their mayor or city council representative to get to know them.”

Sessions will be from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Scheduled sessions include city council member Tyler Wood on Sept. 6, city planner and mayoral candidate Joe Hurst on Sept. 11, council member Alan Swaim on Sept. 20, council member Mike Kneeland on Oct. 2, council member Jim Petty on Oct. 4, City Clerk-Treasurer Phyllis Thomas on Oct. 9 and city council candidate Matt Dodson on Oct. 23.

Foliart said she is waiting on responses from city council member Darral Sparkman, candidates Connie Beyerle and Ken Robison, mayoral candidate Max Blake and City Attorney Candice Settle.