The Crawford County Republican Party filled a vacancy in nomination for a county position Thursday.

Chase Hall DeCroo was voted to fill the vacancy in nomination for the Crawford County Quorum Court District 3 justice of the peace position at a county convention at Republican headquarters at 620B Main St., Van Buren.

DeCroo said although he would have preferred that the election went to the voters, he is looking forward to working with everybody in the county and other leaders and doing the best he can.

Debbie Atwell, chair of the Crawford County Republican Party, said the party had until Saturday to select and certify a nominee for the position.

Both candidates running for the position during the June 19 primary runoff election in Crawford County, DeCroo and fellow Republican Jim Atchison, tallied 35 votes, according to certified results provided by the Crawford County Clerk’s Office. No Democratic candidate ran for the position during the May 22 primary election.

On Thursday, DeCroo and Atchison were each allotted five minutes to give a campaign speech for the position. After the speeches, 15 members cast ballots.

DeCroo received 11 votes while Atchison received four votes.