The Crawford County Library Board will be looking at its pay scale as part of its budget process for the upcoming year.

During its regular meeting on Tuesday, the board unanimously approved a motion to set a special meeting for July 23 to revise the county library system pay scale and work on its budget for 2019.

Jami Ann Balkman, chairman of the Crawford County Library Board, said there are certain aspects she knows the board needs to think about as it looks at budgeting for next year.

One detail Balkman described was for the last few years Crawford County Library System Director Eva White has been on a 30-hour per week salary.

“She’s putting in way more than 30 hours a week, and we need to rectify that,” Balkman said.

Balkman said she believed the county library system director needs to be a 40-hour position, and the board needs to make the pay for it equitable. She has done research on what the pay is for other county directors around the state and found that not only does White take up fewer hours per week, but she is also not near where the pay scale is for others in Arkansas.

Another point Balkman mentioned, something she said was brought to her attention some time ago and something she revisited with White more recently, is that certain library system employees have received additional degrees or schooling. However, despite the time and money these employees have spent going back to school, their salary has not really changed.

“So that was one thing that we wanted to kind of look at,” Balkman said. “The other thing is our folks who’ve been here for a really long time have not in any way seen some sort of a reward for longevity for staying with us year after year after year.”

Balkman said the board needs to look at if it could reward employees in some way for staying with the library system year after year, although she did not know how much the board could provide or what that really looks like. She also believes the board needs to reward employees who are going back to school.