The Crawford County Republican Party has set a date of July 26 to fill a vacancy in nomination for a county position.

Debbie Atwell, chairwoman of the Crawford County Republican Party, said the party had an executive committee meeting Monday. Shel said the party has until July 28 to select and certify a nominee for the Crawford County District 3 justice of the peace position.

Both candidates for the position during the June 19 primary runoff election in Crawford County, Republicans Chase Hall DeCroo and Jim Atchison, won 35 votes, according to certified results provided by the Crawford County Clerk’s Office.

At the executive committee meeting, Atwell said the Crawford County Republican Party prepared and planned the agenda for its regular county meeting, which took place on Tuesday. After the county meeting was adjourned, the party’s county convention, which was originally called to order and recessed June 25, was reconvened to make decisions about how to fill the vacancy in nomination.

“At our convention last night, we had motions on how the nominees would be accepted, whether or not to open the race up, to take the three original candidates that filed or the two who went through the primary runoff,” Atwell said. “And so the motion was made out of the convention last night that we will accept nominations from the two candidates who were in the tie.”

Both DeCroo and Atchison filled out their filing paperwork and were certified by Pam Wells, the party secretary, Atwell said. The convention was recessed and will be reconvened July 26 at 7 p.m. at the Crawford County Republican Party headquarters at 620 B Main St. in Van Buren.

“A motion was also approved that (DeCroo and Atchison) could refile for the position, and we would waive the filing fee, and that they could each give a five minute speech, that the members from the county convention would be the voting members by secret ballot, and then we approved the motion to set the date for July 26,” Atwell said.