Crawford County Clerk Teresa Armer-Cobbe was re-elected to a sixth term in Tuesday’s primary.

“I want to thank the voters in Crawford County who took the time to come out and vote for me,” Armer-Cobbe said. “It is an honor and privilege for me to serve as county clerk for a sixth term. I give thanks to the voters and my Lord Jesus Christ.”

Armer-Cobbe defeated political newcomer Jolynn (Tink) Wester, both Republicans. There was no Democratic candidate for the four-year term.

Armer-Cobbe received 3,230 votes, or 73.19 percent of the total, while Wester won 1,183 votes, or 26.81 percent, according to unofficial results provided by the Crawford County Clerk’s Office.

Races for three justice of the peace positions were also contested during the primary, including those for districts 3, 5 and 6.

There were three Republican candidates in the race for the District 3 JP position. The unofficial results show Chase Hall DeCroo won 104 votes, or 38.24 percent of the total, while Jim Atchison won 102 votes, or 37.50 percent. The incumbent District 3 JP, David Rofkahr, secured 66 votes, or 24.26 percent.

DeCroo and Atchison will face each other in a runoff election June 19. There is no Democratic candidate.

In the race for the District 5 JP position, incumbent Raymond Harvey won 64.10 percent, or 225, of the votes, while his opponent, Jon Baker, won 35.90 percent, or 126 votes, according to the unofficial results. Both candidates are Republican, with no Democratic candidate.

Incumbent District 6 JP and Republican Mark Shaffer received 79 votes, or 51.97 percent, while fellow Republican and challenger Connie Beyerle got 73 votes, or 48.03 percent. There is no Democratic candidate.

Three constable races were decided in the Republican primary as there were no Democratic candidates.

Tom Fite received 296 votes, 71.67 percent, to 117, or 28.33 percent, for Farrah Turner in District 2; Joe Howard won District 4 with 227 votes, or 67.96 percent, over Thomas Roberts with 107 votes, or 32.04 percent; and Tommy Buckner got 148 votes, 58.5 percent, over Marty Clark with 105 votes, or 41.50 percent, in District 9.