Vote centers in Crawford County became one step closer to reality on Monday.

The quorum court budget committee approved a request from the county election commission to appropriate an additional $50,000 from the county general fund to a county general reserve fund during its meeting Monday. In a letter included in the meeting packet, Election Commissioner Bill Taylor said the purpose of transfer is to purchase election equipment.

The election equipment that would be purchased, as well as estimates of what it and other items, such as training and installation, will cost, was outlined by a county election equipment proposal provided by Bill Coleman, chairman of the election commission.

The total estimated cost was more than $662,000. Crawford County would provide more than $223,000 and the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office would provide the remainder. Coleman said $175,000 has already been appropriated for the county general reserve fund.

Coleman said the equipment is what will be necessary to establish vote centers in Crawford County.

“Rather than being specific precincts that you have to go to to vote, you’ll be able to vote at any voting center in the county, and we will set up everything as voting centers so that your name’s going to be in the poll book, in the electronic poll book wherever you go,” Coleman said.

Coleman said the additional $50,000 the election commission was asking for would get machines by fall, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

The quorum court approved the transaction as part of an ordinance to appropriate additional funds and approve additional expenditures to the 2018 budget.