The circus is coming to town.

Alma’s dance program in conjunction with the theater department will present its 12th program “Sideshow” on April 28 and 29 at the Performing Arts Center under the direction of Brooke Brewer with Sara Murray.

“This is something the kids talk about from the start of the year,” Brewer said. “We’ve talked about doing a circus theme every year we’ve brainstormed ideas, but this year seemed like a good time to do it, especially with the success of ‘The Greatest Showman’.”

The dancers will perform on April 27 for the student body and have its first public show on April 28 at 7 p.m. A matinee will be on April 29 at 2 p.m.

Audience members will be treated to a storyline which will exhibit all the acts associated with a circus from animals to aerial acrobatics. Brewer said “Sideshow” will be more akin to a ballet than a dance recital since the dancers won’t be performing different kinds of dances.

The show continues to be a joint collaboration between the theater department at the school and the dance program.

“The collaboration is really helpful to give us ideas of what we can do and enhance what we’re wanting to do,” Brewer said.

Danny Hobson is the assistant director with Steven Sellers as the technical director and Tom Clark assisting as the shop foreman.

Starfish Circus and Arkansas Acro Yoga worked with Alma’s aerialists on the more complex acrobatics and stunts.

“We’ll have people ask where we got the professional dancers for our programs in the past, and I’ll just tell them, ‘they’re all Alma students,’” Brewer said. “It really does say a lot about these kids, the hard work they put into their craft and level of professionalism they display.”

Alma sports one of the largest dance programs in the state which allows a student to participate starting in the seventh grade.

The school district is just one of 10 in the state, according to Bower, and is second only behind Little Rock Central which has about 1,000 dancers in its program.

Alma’s dance program is already coming off a successful school year as the high school dance team won state and participated in the national competition in Florida back in February.

“This is an important event, not just for us, but for the community,” said Brewer. “These programs help us connect to the community, which continues to give us the support so we can keep doing this not just for them, but for the dancers as well.”