A quartet of school nurses wrapped up their Van Buren School District tour on Monday morning at the administration building.

Sherri Marvin, Tara Dorrough, Rhonda Brasuell and Rachel Bond have visited the other schools in the district as part of the Stop The Bleed (STB) initiative to provide “point of injury medical training to non-traditional, non-medical personnel in order to minimize preventable deaths from trauma.”

The tour was planned at the start of the school year after the district received 20 CPR manikins from Simmons Foods and American Red Cross.

School superintendent Harold Jeffcoat said the district was thinking of ways to utilize the tools and the state-mandated STB initiative seemed to be the place to start.

The nurses met with the non-medical personnel for about 45 minutes outlining the use of an automatic electronic defibrillator, CPR, how to use an EpiPen, and dress wounds.

According to reports, community members can provide a critical role in providing initial medical care until the first responders arrive on the scene.

The school district is also responsible for providing hands-on CPR training to high school students during their sophomore to senior years.